The End Of 2018 – What Did I Do?

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Bringing 2018 to a close – Summary Of My Year

It’s easy to feel like you’ve achieved nothing when another year comes to a close but, sometimes you have to take a step back and reflect on your learnings as opposed to your successes. From an outside perspective, it looks as though I have achieved nothingĀ this year – and, I haven’t. Not really. Nothing has physically changed for me. I’m in the same position financially, I’m in the same job and I’m still a little overweight.

That being the case, it hasn’t been a totally numb year – although it has felt like it at times.

I feel like 2018 has forced me to grow up. I turned 28 this year and it really hit home that time was ticking by and this spurred me on to start looking for answers from myself in regard to what I want from life.

If I think back to January, I went to a large family meal. Everyone seemed very interested in asking me what it was that I wanted to do with my life. My career goals and where I wanted to be. I couldn’t answer them – something that upset my partner as it looked as though I was set for a pretty mundane career in retail at this point.

I reflected on that for a while, I knew I wasn’t satisfied with where I was in life but I could not put my finger on what it was that I wanted to do. What would make me happy?

My own business. This would allow me to work my own hours and keep profits for myself, surely this was the answer? I thought I would find financial freedom in starting my own business and live life on my own terms.

I spent the next few weeks working on shaping my business idea – a mobile coffee cart. I had found a love of coffee and really enjoyed the idea behind running a real hipster, street-style coffee cart. Unfortunately, start-up costs here just seemed to keep mounting and eventually I abandoned the idea. I could neither afford the start-up costs or the associated risks.

After this, I fell into a little bit of a slump. Logged back into Indeed and started looking to hop jobs again – thinking this would satisfy the void. Tricking myself again.

I stumbled across an old friends Instagram account (I say, friend, just some guy I met online whilst creating YouTube videos a few years ago). He was advertising a website called Builderall and seemingly making a good wedge from it. I later discovered this was “affiliate marketing”.

Maybe this was the answer I was looking for. But, how do I get started with affiliate marketing? It took me a while and eventually, I opted to promote Builderall. This was where I made my first commission – just a couple of weeks as well! It was craaaazily addictive. Small commissions paid out almost immediately after closing the sale.

I spent a lot of time on affiliate marketing. I really thought this was the way forward – and part of me still hangs on to it. There is a lot of affiliate marketing programs out there which you can join completely free of charge. I’ll continue to promote products in my spare time and take those little commissions.

Thanks to affiliate marketing, I’ve also worked out what I want to do with my life.

So, what has changed?

Affiliate marketing taught me how to market. I quickly learned how to gain attention on social media with “ladder comments” and I found it satisfying to see succesful maketing being deployed.

I also enjoy talking to people about this and dishing out help and advice.

Then it sort of all came together. If I enjoy marketing, and I’m enjoying giving others marketing advice and helping them promote their own products. Why don’t I make a business out of this?

So that’s the plan for next year! Well, it’s already started!

More on that in another post!

It gets more exciting!

Shannon ( and I booked our wedding venue, using the term “wedding” loosely – you can read about that here. We’d been engaged for a little while but we hadn’t really taken any practical steps towards booking and setting the wheels in motion. What prompted this “surprise booking” was accidentally stumbling over an old church that we’d previously photographed and lost – I was demanded to pull over and make the booking. We’ve since decided on wedding parties and bought our rings – so, that’s the first change!


So, we’re like proper adults now – or something?



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